1400 Databases (2001 – 2019) | 71 GB Collection

71 GB Of 1400 Databases Collection

This is a massive compilation of public and private databases, includes publicdbhost databases, over 100 WordPress databases and .sql dumps.
Any major database leak from 2001 to February 2019 is also in this archive. No folders, no executables, no guides, only dumped databases.
Once unpacked, there are about 1400 databases.

We MixWayz Are Not Responsible And Are Not Any Part Of This Leak And Databases, We Only Provide Links To Other Websites And Torrents


Torrent Links:…AA_torrent…AA_torrent

Total Size: 71.7 GB | Pieces: 36749 x 2.00 MB
Hash: 025C2EB2EC4536EB55DF232C48A4184964B632AA

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Written by Akkie657

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