3 Best Apps For Trading Crypto Currency

Trading Apps For CryptoCurrency

Some Of The Best Apps For Trading And Storing Money (Wallet) Purposes

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Many Of The Users Are Interested To Invest/Trade CryptoCurrency, And The Reason Why Is, It Has Potential To make You Millionaires Over Night, Yes You Heard It Right.

But Most Of the People Doesn’t Know Which App Should Be Used And Which App Is Best For Trading. Many Users Are Fed Up Using Different Different Apps For Different Currencies. Mostly, They Use Various Apps For Various Currencies, i.e., A Wallet For Bitcoin, A Wallet For Ethereum, Etc.

So in This Tutorial, I Will Be Introducing You To Some Apps Which Allows Receiving And Sending Payments From Various Wallet In An Single Application. And They Also Allow Trading. Although Some Apps Allow Trading, They Can’t Be Withdrawn Except You Can Transfer To Another Wallet.

Here Are Some Apps:

1. WazirX

The Reason Why I Mentioned This Application In The First Place Is, this Is An Indian Application, And It Has A Very Nice Interface. WazirX Also Allows You To Deposit Money In Its Inbuilt Wallet To Start Trading ( Buying And Selling ) Instantly Directly From Your Wallet. Although It Is An Indian Application, It Allows You To Change Your Native Currency To INR. USDT, BTC, Etc…

There Are Many Options To Deposit Your Money to Its Wallet, But Some Are Under Development, And The Available Options Are NEFT And UPI Bank Transfer. And Beleive Me, It’s Very Instant And Fast.

One Of The Best Feature In This Application Is, You Can Pair The CryptoCurrency You Want To Trade With Many Other Currencies Like INR, BTC, USDT, WRX, Etc… Many Of The Apps Doesn’t Give You This Feature.

Buying Is Very Easy, And When It Comes To Selling A Crypto, I Found It A Bit Harder Because When The Market Is High, You Gonna Sell The Crypto, And As All Knows, No One Buys Crypto When Market Is High.

WazirX Has Many CryptoCurrensies To Trade-In It. A Total Of 100+ Tokens. The KYC System Is Also Very Fast And Instant, Just Like That In Minutes.

WazirX Also Has Referral System. The Referrer Gains A Profit Of 50% From His Referred User’s Trade.

Here Is The Direct Playstore Link To Download The Application:

Referral Link: Click Here

Direct Link: Click Here

2. CoinSwitch

CoinSwitch Is Also An Indian Application. Deposition And Withdrawal Are Also Easy. It May Not Have A Very, Very Good Interface, But Has Good Interface. The Main Thing Is Buying And Selling Goes Instantly. Deposition Can Be Done Via Bank Transfer.

Also Read:

There Are Some Unique Features Which Most Apps Doesn’t Give Is, This App Shows You The Amount You Invested And The Amount You Got Profit Out Of It Clearly. Personally, I Liked This Feature.

Another Interesting Fact Is, CoinSwitch Gives You Scratch Cards As a Reward When You Trade Crypto. That’s Cool, I Guess.

This App Also Has 100’s Of Cryptos To Trade-In. And The Minimum Trade Is As Low As 100Rs. INR

CoinSwitch Is Mainly For Exchanging INR. Also, You Can Trade.

Here Is The Direct Playstore Link To Download The Application:

Referral Link: Click Here

Direct Link: Click Here

3. Coinbase

I Don’t Think None Of You Know About CoinBase. It’s One Of The Popular Wallet For Crypto. It Has Many Users.

The Reason I Kept This App At Last Is, Coinbase Doesn’t have Many Features Related To trading. Trading Is Hard In This Application. But As To Store, Monitor The Values Of The Crypto, I Recommend Using This App. It Has a Very Nice Graph Which Shows You the Value Of Crypto Every Day, Week, Month, And All-Time High, All-Time Low.

There Is No Deposition And Withdrawal Features In CoinBase Application As This Is Only To Receive And Send Crypto.

CoinBase Also Offers To Change Your Native Currency To INR, USD, BTC, Etc…

One Of The Best Features I Like In This App Is, Coinbase won’t Charge You Transaction Fee For Sending Crypto To Other Coinbase Users. YES, IT’S REAL! You Need To Send To The User Email Id While You Send The Crypto In The Wallet Address, It’s INSTANT, It Doesn’t Take Any Time To Get The Crypto Transferred. No App Gives You This Type Of Feature. So, That’s Why I Mentioned This App In This List

Coinbase Also Has 100’s Of Currencies In It, But Some Are Non-Tradable While You Can Monitor Their Performance.

CoinBase Also Has Referral System. The Referrer And The Referred User Both Gets 10$ When the Referred User Trades An Amount Of 100$

Forgot To Mention, Coinbase Has A Very Beautiful Interface.

Here Is The Direct Playstore Link To Download The Application:

Referral Link: Click Here

Direct Link: Click Here


Ok, Guys, So That’s All For This Post. Don’t Mind There Are Only 3 Applications Listed. I Will Create New Post With Many Other Apps In The Future. Don’t Forget To Check Our Website Frequently.

This Took Me Some Time To Make Post, Research. So Registering Via My Referral Links Makes Me Happy Instead Of Buying Me A Cup Of Coffee.

Thank You, Happy Trading.

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