403.5k Facebook German Profile Data

403,559 Facebook German Profile Data based on all profiles having “Locale = de_DE”

File Format: JSON

The profiles in this data where collected indiscriminately, however some profiles might be inactive or not used for a long period of time and will be reflected as such in the updated_time or else where. The updated_time is an indicator of when the user last posted/changed something.

  • 2020

Data Points
Consist of but not limited to the following also based on what the user has chosen to provide.

  • uid
  • about
  • address
  • birthday
  • education
  • email
  • favorite_athletes
  • favorite_teams
  • first_name
  • gender
  • hometown
  • inspirational_people
  • interested_in
  • languages
  • last_name
  • link ( full profile url )
  • locale
  • location
  • name
  • political
  • quotes
  • relationship_status
  • religion
  • significant_other
  • sports
  • updated_time ( when user last posted something )
  • username
  • website
  • work


83.1MB compressed ZIP
297.5MB uncompressed JSONL




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